“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think”


Intensive program conducted by expert staff tailored to individual needs, based on latest research, with our program evolving as new research emerges providing a bespoke range of cutting edge treatment and experimental approaches. Although our program is intensive, and we do ask for your complete commitment each program is tailored to individual choice an d need.

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest research and evidence in the field of addiction and develop innovative ways to incorporate new findings within our treatment program.

Our model of recovery is based on the latest research and is second to none in the UK.

Our qualified and experienced specialist team deliver a wide  range of evidence based effective treatments for co-occuring problems such as anxiety, depression and stress as alcohol is often just seen as a “solution” to our clients. We use established methods to get to the heart of your addiction. Cutting edge psychiatric and psychology care is provided in both group and individual sessions.

We incorporate trauma therapy and trauma informed treatment looking at dealing with unresolved issues in a safe environment that would be too painful to deal with without our supportive staff. Research has shown that most substance misuse problems stem from pain and trauma and that this is linked to childhood abuse and suffering. We address these issues with intensive counselling and are incorporating new methods of managing trauma.

Recovery based activities help clients regain self confidence and self esteem and gain a greater understanding and awareness of the nature of their addiction


Our staff to client ratio is very high, all clients receive one to one attention at last 3 times a week and staff are always available to discuss any concerns . The intimacy of our centre allows a high degree of personal attention and care that is sometimes not present in larger rehabs. Our dedicated staff are all themselves in recovery and we work tirelessly to show you that recovery is possible.


Can take many forms but is vital for ongoing recovery

Open door policy, aftercare is provided for as long as is need and is tailored to each individual

follow up counselling sessions, phone support, regular ongoing sessions, family events.

Frequent group therapy sessions and activities

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  • Detox


    Following your initial assessment and admission, you will be seen by our GP who will carefully evaluate you and your withdrawal risks. We will endeavour to reduce the stress and anxiety involved in this process as much as possible and we will fully support you.
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  • Privacy


    Our Surrey based residential rehab facility is remote and gated ensuring that your privacy while receiving treatmetent is assured.
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  • Aftercare


    We run weekly aftercare sessions at our property that you can come to top-up the work you’ve done during your residential stay and also to some relapse prevention specific work. You are also welcome to, space providing, to attend our usual weekly treatment timetable- attending session as and when it is suitable for you.
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