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The information below provides a brief explanation of the therapies, treatments and activities that are present in our timetabled program.

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  • Group Sessions

    Development group – 5 Sessions Per Week

    The small size of our group was created specifically to enable intensive supportive exploration therapy. Research has shown a group of this size is perfect for creating an intensive psychotherapy dynamic. This is a daily group where the real hard work is done we expect your total honesty, commitment and willingness to engage. We provide you with an ideal safe therapeutic environment in order for you to share openly with other group members.
    This includes sharing of daily inventory’s and daily reflections.

    Project group – 2 Sessions Per Week

    This group will provide instruction, motivation and assistance in writing your life story. This is a freeing journey of self-exploration. These groups will provide advice and guidance to help you complete your life story project in order to address your past issues and conflicts. At Moving Forward we aim to leave no stone be unturned, as such continual guidance and support is provided throughout these sessions.

    Psychology Emotional Focus group- 2 Sessions Per Week

    Becoming clean and sober brings up powerful emotions which you may have been running from, pushing down and using substances to avoid. At Moving Forward, we help you understand and deal with these in a mutually supportive group. In addition, you will be given written assignments relative to specific issues for you work through. For example, anger management and childhood trauma.

    Intensive Workshops – 2 Sessions Per Week

    These follow a 4-weekly cycle following an intensive program of self-exploration and understanding these will tackle specific issues such as:

    • Self-esteem
    • Assertiveness
    • Confidence building
    • Anxiety
    • Co-dependency
    • Relationship difficulties.

    These workshops will give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to move forward.

  • CBT

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the NICE recommended treatment for substance abuse and mood disorders. It helps you to identify your thought patterns, the effects these thought patterns have on your emotions and behaviours and gives you the tools you need to better deal with everyday situations.

  • 12 Step Treatments

    12 Step Transition Group

    The aim of this group is to facilitate participation in 12 step groups and to understand the culture and science behind the 12 step program. This group follows a 6 week therapy cycle following a researched and respected psychosocial approach.

    12 Step groups

    Within these groups the 12-step program is studied and followed. We believe an understanding of the steps is vital to recovery and clients will progress at their own rate.

    12 Step meetings

    These are vital to your recovery, they provide a wealth of advice and information. When you leave the center they are an invaluable free resource available world-wide and if utilized properly can improve your chances of remaining clean and sober.

  • Relapse prevention

    Relapse prevention will be consistently covered within Moving Forward. You will be given strategies’, plans and ways to avoid high risk situations.

    Which will be embedded in your mind when you leave. We are here to support you and you will receive 3 years aftercare to aid protection against relapse.

  • Educational Workshops

    In these sessions we explore behaviour and help improve your understanding of addiction. We provide educational sessions presenting the latest research and statistical evidence to enable you to understand your addiction. In addition to emphasise the dangers inherent in relapse and the effects of decreased tolerance.

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

    DBT Emotional Regulation

    In these sessions we teach how to control or influence which emotions you have, when you have them and how you experience and express them.

    DBT Distress Tolerance Skills

    We teach skills enabling you to accept and tolerate distress.

    DBT Interpersonal Skills

    In these sessions we teach assertiveness  skills and interpersonal communication  skills.

  • Family therapy and couples therapy

    Comprehensive therapy providing support and guidance to rebuild lives and families affected by addiction and underling issues. This is optional, but recommend, to heal relationships and to help your loved ones understand your addiction. We believe no one is to blame for your addiction and we aim to help families come together.

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

    A formal approach that combines meditation and yoga, in these sessions we address the unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors that increase stress and undermine your health. Developed in the 1970s it has recently bloomed in popularity, this may because of the growing evidence base for its far-reaching benefits.

  • Recovery Capital

    How to use the capital or resources you have and how to find the capital you don’t- a weekly session following a set program.

  • Physical Wellbeing


    One to two times a day we practice yoga. It’s normally short (30 minute) sessions, and the main goal of the course is to teach you a selection of moves to help you deal with physical and psychological events that may happen after you leave. Yoga increases your balance, flexibility, strength, pain and energy levels and social and emotional functioning. By the end of your stay, you will learn how to resolve some body aches and pains simply with movement.

    Gym Sessions

    We have a fully equipped gym on site with a treadmill, rowing machine, stepper and cross trainer, a variety of weights etc. You will be instructed on there use and can enjoy the gym during options time.


    We have a heated outside pool for supervised swimming sessions so please remember your swimming costume.

    Personal trainer Group sessions

    With our personal trainer  you can achieve your health goals faster and better, reduce the chance of injury and establish a lifelong exercise habit. Our personal trainer  is able to cater your sessions to your particular needs and goals.

  • Inspiring /therapeutic Art

    At Moving Forward, we have a range of materials available for you to use when you choose to pursue your creative side. Our cupboard is fully stocked supplies and during our creative sessions you will be provided also with tuition and assistance. Our creative sessions aren’t just painting or pottery, they can consist of anything you desire- from poetry writing, film making and terrarium planting. Art in this way can encourage creativity, new neural connections, fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

    Integrated into our daily yoga session is meditation practice. The course will teach you the basics to help you continue your own individual practice after you leave. Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, happiness, self-awareness and can encourage an overall healthy lifestyle- but you’ll discover the benefits yourself.

  • Nutrition-One Session a week

    Good nutrition can reduce the chance of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure as well as help regulate your mood and health. During these sessions you will learn how to eat well and eat happy.

  • Individual One to One Sessions

    1:1 keyworker/coaching weekly session

    A dedicated key worker will explore your care plan and to revise if necessary to ensure a bespoke plan of treatment and therapy is created for you. The goals set will be holistic and client led, achievable and realistic to help install optimism .

    1:1 Counselling session

    These sessions are provided by qualified and experienced counsellors on a one to one basis. They are there to help you uncover deeper issues and underlying conflicts. We offer these 1;1 sessions on a more frequent basis than other rehabs as we believe such intensive therapy to be vital to recovery.

    Daily Check in

    This is a brief daily check-in with a medical professional. Physical observations will be taken; blood pressure, pulse, temperature etc.  to monitor physical health.
    Medication will be administered, and any side effects or concerns will be discussed. Any physical health concerns a client may have in this daily check in will be addressed.

    Progression analysis 1 ;1 weekly session

    A one to one session to assess the progression of a client ensuring they receive the best care and initiating any changes to the client’s program ensuring all of a client’s needs are met. We encourage you to explore and broaden your horizons.

  • Other Activities/Sessions

    Guest speakers

    Speakers from the recovery community and experts from the field of recovery and addiction will share their knowledge and experience with you providing new insights and perspectives.

    Peer Recovery

    Previous residents return to us to receive further care and counselling. They explore their current issues and problems. In addition, they share with you their recovery journey providing advice, hope and guidance.

    Recovery Planning

    These sessions ensure that clients have all the tools and recourses they need to continue their recovery once they leave Moving Forward. This includes a comprehensive checklist including; recovery peer contacts, Moving Forward contacts, resources in their area & arranging on going 1:1 counselling.

    Sober situations

    We don’t want clients to feel ill-equipped or unprepared when you leave us and the “protective bubble of rehab”. Therefore, each week we will be going out for a meal, coffee or cinema. This will enable you to utilize your CBT skills and feel comfortable anywhere by the time you leave us.


    are available as recreational, confidence and reintegration activities
    (three times a week)
    Not an excuse to opt out!
    An exercise class- e.g. aerobics or step
    Gym access
    Spa for relieving stress
    Fishing- if you just want to sit down and contemplate.
    Group meditation walk
    More options available on request

  • Moving Forward workshops

    The practical stuff- work issues, financial concerns, career choices we will endeavor to research your future concerns. If we cannot answer any practical questions we will find someone who can (e.g. solicitor, careers advisor, housing agency).

  • Peer review

    A member of the 12 step community will visit the house. This is an opportunity for clients to voice any concerns anonymously. This enables us to get honest feedback from you and to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care.

  • Community meeting

    This is a meeting of house members to discuss any concerns they may have directly to a member of staff. It is also an opportunity to decide together our sober situations activities and outings.

  • Visitors

    Visitors are welcome at Moving Forward. Visiting time is normally on a Sunday afternoon.  However, if arranged with staff visitors can be admitted at other times. Please refer to visitors policy and inform visitors they may be searched and/or breathalyzed and maybe refused entry, this is for the protection of clients and staff.

  • Occasional Sessions

    Other sessions

    As a client progresses through treatment other sessions/treatments may be offered.
    These include
    A makeover session at the end of a client’s journey by a qualified beautician and hairdressers – its aim being a boost of self-esteem. Bearing in mind all recovery is an “inside job” this experience sometimes will help establish the great change our clients have gone through.
    Specific outings

  • Continuing Care and After Care

    Three Years Aftercare

    All our recovering previous clients are
    Invited to join the weekly Peer Recovery group.
    Receive Key worker contact related to the degree of recovery of our clients
    Encouraged to continue with one to one specialist counselling

  • Moving Forward Alumni

    We are proud of our previous clients commitment and ongoing recovery. They are invited to return to contribute to Moving Forward
    To join our online forum and support group to continue to explore and share their recovery
    To return and explore their recovery journey with current clients
    To contribute to social media via blog pages, Facebook  and other social media
    To volunteer within Moving Forward.

  • Moving Forward fellowship

    We value our clients and their continued recovery is a testimony to their hard work. As such we invite previous clients to return for a variety of social events.
    Christmas, New Year and other annual celebrations are celebrated.
    Summer BBQ’s
    Sobriety Birthday celebrations

    These will be held at Moving Forward. Current clients will be invited to join in celebrations if they feel comfortable and it has been agreed in progression analysis 1:1 meetings.

    In addition, Moving Forward will inform and help facilitate previous clients to attend;
    Sober events including nights out at specific alcohol/drug free events
    Attendance at UK sober festivals
    12-step conventions and events in the UK and abroad

    These events will be facilitated, promoted or accompanied/supervised by Moving Forward staff. These events will not be available for current clients to participate in but will be available for alumni and fellowship members.

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  • Detox


    Following your initial assessment and admission, you will be seen by our GP who will carefully evaluate you and your withdrawal risks. We will endeavour to reduce the stress and anxiety involved in this process as much as possible and we will fully support you.
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  • Privacy


    Our Surrey based residential rehab facility is remote and gated ensuring that your privacy while receiving treatmetent is assured.
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  • Aftercare


    We run weekly aftercare sessions at our property that you can come to top-up the work you’ve done during your residential stay and also to some relapse prevention specific work. You are also welcome to, space providing, to attend our usual weekly treatment timetable- attending session as and when it is suitable for you.
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