“Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same”

Why choose Moving Forward?

Your recovery is the most important thing you will ever do in your life. Found out why Moving Forward is the perfect place for your journey of recovery to begin:

The perfect group size – Not too big, not too small

Moving Forward is a small establishment catering for up to eight clients at any one time so that we can give each client the full care and attention they need to ensure a lasting recovery. This also creates an ideal dynamic for group therapy sessions where the group is large enough for a diverse flow of ideas but small enough so that everyone has the confidence and opportunity to speak and grow. This is ideal for some clients who feel nervous, anxious or overwhelmed by larger groups and rehab centers.

With this ideal group size, we are also fortunate to be able to offer a substantial amount of individualised and intensive one to one counselling within a tailored program that provides you with the specialised therapy you need to ensure a lasting recovery.

Holistic Treatment – It’s not all about drugs and alcohol

Addiction is often a symptom of a wider problem. Here at Moving Forward our treatments aren’t just focused on addiction but also tackle the causes that might underlie the addiction problem. By the end of treatment, you will be better able to deal with thoughts and events that occur and have the skills  and strength to  be able to improve every aspect of your life. 

Our focus is on your holistic recovery, we provide the personal attention and care that can only be achieved in such a individualised way.

There are no HIDDEN costs at Moving Forward all activities and treatments are included. Treatments such as Acupuncture are offered as standard to every client.

Evidence-Based Practice – Exceptional care for you

Staff at Moving Forward regularly review and implement the latest findings in addiction research. We continuously update our programme of treatments according to the evidence base.  We utilise the most effective methods for treating addiction as standard, such as 12-step programs, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavioral therapy (DBT).

Personalised Care – Your recovery, your way

Here at Moving Forward, you will have an active involvement choosing your treatments and care plans. Your treatment plan will be uniquely formulated to your needs and you may suggest any treatments or therapies you are interested in and we will do our utmost to provide the requested service delivered by appropriately trained staff, outsourcing as cost to us wherever necessary.

Serene Location – Recover in peace and tranquility.

We are located  in a remote rural area so there are no distractions for you and you can enjoy peace and quite and concentrate on your recovery. It is also near to the M25, with good transport links to central London. It does, however, retain a peaceful and quiet atmosphere away from the noise of city life. The property is also gated and provides complete privacy and anonymity. 

Away from the distractions a true haven of peace and tranquillity. We aim to create a environment as close to a home as possible, warm, safe and serene Tucked away in our own little haven miles from the nearest shops a truly idyllic and special place, a perfect haven for you to recover.

  • Heart of the English countryside on the Surrey/Sussex border
  • Large grade 2 listed beautiful manor house
  • Registered centre of excellence for alcohol treatment
  • CQC registered and inspected
  • Family run business
  • Very passionate about what we do – all our staff are in recovery
  • Staffed 24 hours a day
  • Exclusive and bespoke care
  • Discrete, confidential, safe, supportive and non judgemental atmosphere
  • Comprehensive care program from detox through to aftercare our service is outstandingly unique


Honesty and transparency – we provide clear and straightforward pricing , no hidden charges. We offer affordable options and competitive prices for local authorities and service providers

Scrumptious drinks, meals and snacks – Healthy, nutritious and delicious.

Moving Forward will provide you with all of your nutritional requirements whilst encouraging you to cater for yourself throughout the day. We love to explore new menu options and will cater to guest preferences whilst also promoting new, healthy meals and snack options. We always provide a selection of fresh, pressed fruit juices, smoothies and fresh fruit and strive to come up with tasty snack options.

Life-expanding Activities – Helping you build a new life.

Prior to recovery, your addiction may have taken up a lot of your time and effort. As your recovery progresses you may find yourself with more time on your hands. Here at Moving Forward you will be kept busy and productive and given the opportunity to try and practice a wide range of new activities such as yoga, meditation, art and nature walks. You are also encouraged to let us know if there are any activities that you’ve always wanted to try as we’d love to support you through them during your stay. We aim to expand your horizons and provide you with opportunities for you to explore new avenues in order for  you to realise your true potential.

Extensive Aftercare – We don’t leave you when you leave us.

We are committed to providing ongoing support for you once your initial treatment period has ended. We hold weekly sessions for Moving Forward alumni and you are encouraged to participate in future Moving Forward events. Within our Moving Forward Fellowship we are building an online community of people in recovery and previous clients to widen your support network even further. We organise social situations where you can create lasting friendships and contacts with people in recovery. In contrast to the industry standard of one year after-care, moving forward is proud to offer three years after-care. This comes in the form of weekly meetings, invitations to sessions and workshops, major events throughout the year, online support, giving back and more – all of which is included in your initial admission cost.

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  • Detox


    Following your initial assessment and admission, you will be seen by our GP who will carefully evaluate you and your withdrawal risks. We will endeavour to reduce the stress and anxiety involved in this process as much as possible and we will fully support you.
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  • Privacy


    Our Surrey based residential rehab facility is remote and gated ensuring that your privacy while receiving treatmetent is assured.
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  • Aftercare


    We run weekly aftercare sessions at our property that you can come to top-up the work you’ve done during your residential stay and also to some relapse prevention specific work. You are also welcome to, space providing, to attend our usual weekly treatment timetable- attending session as and when it is suitable for you.
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