Group facilitator and counsellor
I have been working with addiction for 7 years. I firmly believe that feeling heard and understood by another can have a powerful effect and through that, the building of a trusting and secure counselling relationship, a person in counselling can start to gain a new perspective on what’s going on in their lives. Here at Moving Forward we offer a warm and empathic approach to explore concerns and process your experiences finding greater self acceptance and inner strength.


Group Facilitator
David started work as one of our group facilitators last year on retirement from a 45 year career in Sales Marketing and Advertising. In 1991, after being in rehab for alcoholism himself, David joined AA, and by means of applying its principles in his daily life ever since, he has successfully sponsored many desperate alcoholics back to sobriety and ongoing recovery. His experience, including his deep insights into the causes, consequences and treatment of addiction in all its forms, is already helping our clients to bring about a vital alteration in attitude and outlook, which is an essential precursor to getting on the road to full recovery.


Mental Healthcare Assistant
Matt is a mental healthcare assistant and trainee paramedic, through which he has met people with a wide range of mental health issues including alcohol and drug abuse. Through his training he has specialised in mental health crisis first aid and the physiological effects of drug and alcohol abuse on the body. He also has experience in nutrition and pathways to adult higher education”


Sally is the Registered Manager at Moving Forward. Sally has been in recovery herself for many years and firmly believes that addiction can be overcome. She has been a member of AA for several years and advocates working the program as a way to continued recovery. She has worked in the addiction field for many years having previously worked as a counsellor and social worker,. Sally has a BSc in Social Science and BA in Nursing studies with registration as a Mental Health Nurse and a Diploma in counselling skills. Sally has continued to develop her training and qualifications whilst at Moving Forward ensuring that Moving Forward provides high quality care based on the latest research.


Group discussion leader
Pamela currently facilitates a group discussion session on Friday mornings. My main aim is find out how the clients are feeling and to direct the discussion accordingly. By practising to identify our feelings we become aware of solutions towards negative feelings and a sense gratitude towards positive ones. I have been in recovery for six years and am very passionate about the twelve step program I am a qualified reflexologist and currently completing a level 2 counselling qualification. For me personally recovery has enabled me to find my voice and articulate my needs. Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.


Deputy Manager
Natasha works as the deputy manager at Moving Forward and facilitates the CBT sessions and yoga and meditation. Her main focus is promoting mental health and happiness through the examination and challenging of automatic thoughts. She holds a BSc and MSc in psychology and continues to develop her training whilst at Moving Forward.