• The Group Size

    Unlike many other rehabs, you will only be in recovery with a maximum of six people at a time; this means that there is space for you to talk in group sessions, and you won’t be missed or ignored amongst the cohort. It allows us to better deliver the personalised care you need and deserve. Research has shown that this group size is associated with the best treatment outcomes and is perfect for those anxious about coming into treatment.

  • Fit For Recovery

    You will have daily opportunities to take advantage of our on-site gym facilities which include weights, a rowing machine, cycling machine, cross-fit trainer, running machine, punch bag, wobble board, ping-pong table and punch bag. We even have football nets in our gardens. We also run regular fitness, yoga and meditation classes. We thoroughly encourage getting fit and active as part of your recovery; meaning you can leave us healthier in spirit, mind and body.

  • Swimming Pool

    The on-site swimming pool can be a place for you to relax, get fit and/or have fun!

  • Your Own Room

    All of our rooms are single occupancy giving you that much needed space and privacy for your recovery in-between sessions.

  • Holistic Activities

    Your recovery is about more than just stopping drinking; at Moving Forward we help you to engage in the activities that make you, you; whether that be arts and crafts, gardening, nature walks, fishing, golf, sports, going back to work, reconnecting with family, finding a new hobby – Our focus is on your holistic recovery. We provide the personal attention and care that you need.

  • Perfectly Located

    You can recover in peace and quiet at our rural location. Set in a beautiful plot of land, this 16th century house will become your home for the duration of your treatment. Far enough away from shops and towns so that there are no temptations for you.