“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy


Make the first step toward recovery, and we’ll be there to provide the support and reassurance you need at Moving Forward.

​The first day

The first 24 hours of your addiction treatment are vital first steps towards recovery. During the rehab admission process, you might experience anxiety, fear remorse and regret. You may even feel uneasy since the Moving Forward is a new and unfamiliar environment. These feelings are perfectly normal and our caring staff will help and assist you through this process. Our centre is small and has a family like atmosphere, so you will quickly feel at ease.

24/7 medically monitored detox services

​Medically monitored detoxification from alcohol or detox

is the first step on the road to recovery. Our team will deliver

a bespoke detox plan according to your general health

and the level of your addiction. This will enable your mind and body

to go through withdrawal as safely and as comfortably as possible.

You will be seen by our specialist doctor who will assess your needs,

this may include blood tests and an ECG to ensure your health

needs are met. If deemed appropriated and prescribed by our

doctor medications will be prescribed to reduce the

symptoms of withdrawal.

Throughout detox you will be regularly monitored and be

under 24-hour medical supervision to ensure your safety. Within

our detox monitoring protocol your physical and vital observations

will be measured and recorded at specific measured intervals appropriate to your

health needs. We also operated a ‘supportive care protocol’ to ensure

you are made as comfortable as possible,

your needs are met and are supported throughout your detox.

Detox can typically take between 4-10 days to complete safely.

Why detox is essential

When you are addicted your body becomes so dependent on that substance that when you stop taking it you experience severe, sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can be physical, mental and emotional and without proper treatment people sometimes return to that substance to ease these symptoms. Medically monitored detox helps alleviate these harsh symptoms and enables people to go through withdrawal safety and in relative comfort.

Typical drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:



Insomnia and vivid dreams/nightmares


Anxiety and Panic

Hallucinations-visual, tactile and auditory

Cold sweats


Withdrawal from alcohol and drugs can cause life-threatening symptoms like heart attacks or strokes if not carefully observed and cared for by medical professionals.

Medically monitored detoxification from alcohol and other drugs helps reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. Our qualified staff will monitor your progress, so you receive instant medical care in case of an emergency, safeguarding you from the harmful symptoms of withdrawal.

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  • Detox


    Following your initial assessment and admission, you will be seen by our GP who will carefully evaluate you and your withdrawal risks. We will endeavour to reduce the stress and anxiety involved in this process as much as possible and we will fully support you.
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  • Privacy


    Our Surrey based residential rehab facility is remote and gated ensuring that your privacy while receiving treatmetent is assured.
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  • Aftercare


    We run weekly aftercare sessions at our property that you can come to top-up the work you’ve done during your residential stay and also to some relapse prevention specific work. You are also welcome to, space providing, to attend our usual weekly treatment timetable- attending session as and when it is suitable for you.
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